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Exys Product Line

EXYS Home Edition

  • Documentation- and Screenshot-Assistant
Exys makes it easy to take screenshots. Using the image editor simple objects like rectangles, textboxes, arrows can be inserted. Many functions can be triggered by just one click, e.g.
  • Transfer Images to MS Office
  • Send image (or imagelist) as email
  • Print imagelists
Using Exys, images and screenshots are easy to handle. Create documentations with images and screenshots 'on the fly'!

  • Main Window
The Main window contains the image viewer.

Main view
  • Imagelist/Toolbar
When processing more than one image (e.g. a multipage fax) an imagelist can be displayed on the left side of the main window. The images can be resorted and saved as a single multipage file or transferred to MS Office.

  • Settings
Allmost everything can be customized to fit your needs in the settings section.

Program Settings

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